Milfin’ It, Milkin’ It, & Mommyin’ It: Jaslyn’s First Visits to the Movies

Milfin' it, Milkin' It, &Mommyin': Jaslyn First Time at the MoviesMilfin’ It, Milkin’ It, & Mommyin’ It: Jaslyn’s First Visits to the Movies

Hey Milfs,

The movies is usually a great experience because you are going to watch something you chose, but sometimes with toddlers you don’t always have a sitter. Listen, that’s what I needed to do when “Black Panther” came out and again for “Breaking In”. I wasn’t about to miss another great movie because my baby is small and loud.

You are the only one who knows your child so this is will benefit you and bae’s movie date night. I suggest you act like you know it and plan for a fun night with a quiet, controlled baby. Check these ideas out:

  1. Pack a snack in that baby bag! They aren’t going to check and IF they do… You let them know it’s baby friendly and if they don’t want a theater of angry folks, they’ll let the Fish snacks pass on damn by! OK?
  2. Pack a juice cup, juice box, or the toddler’s favorite milk! Whatever you do, make sure that it will be enough to plow through an hour and thirty to two-hour movies.
  3. Bring the child’s comfort toy or blanket. My daughter loves to suck her thumb and hold her “blanky.” It doesn’t take much to plan for an evening out if you make sure to be mindful toward the children. They didn’t ask to interrupt “date night” but they are definitely willing to come along with some perks.
  4. Give them your phone and let them play their favorite games. Y’all, I know this is trifling but they will watch YouTube until the movie is over. The little sounds they do make is okay because clearly they’re in a movie with lots of sounds.

Jaslyn was present while we watched “The Black Panther” and all her weird growling, yelling, and questions didn’t interrupt anyone, but ME. Honestly, she ate her popcorn, watched her YouTube, and only interrupted her daddy until she had to go to the potty. It was such a joy ! Now, there were a lot arguments such as how loud the phone should be for YouTube, and screaming for more “p’corn!” Other than that, I suggest you find a sitter if you aren’t excited about the idea of bringing your baby. I was afraid, but I refuse to stop living because I’m a mother! What about you milfs? What are you experiences with the movies and you LO (little one).

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