Milfin’ it, Milkin’ it, & Mommyin’: Toddler’s Second Christmas

Christmas SlayMilfin, Milkin’, & Mommyin‘: Toddler’s Second Christmas

Hey, mommy’s and daddy’s, Christmas is coming up and of course, we are all planning our babies big day. However, if this is your toddler’s second Christmas keep calm I have some much-needed tips to calm the high-stress levels. 

Let’s be real, these babies barely play with their current toys so keep calm, there are a few must-haves that may be perfect. 

1. Tablet: 

There are tablets that are perfect for an active toddler. They are filled with interactive learning games. Listen, parents, Jaslyn takes my phone like it’s hers and it’s annoying. I spent $50 for her to have her own tablet. After restrictions are set, Jaslyn will be iPhone free and tablet equipped. If electronics seem like a stretch, search for toddler tablets. An example is Samsung Galaxy Tab E! 
Toddler's Second Christmas

Toddler's Second Christmas2. Educational Learning Toys: 

These toys are definitely in and are a must. has a curriculum for tot school or weekly academia. Also, there are a million applications that can assist with colors, numbers, alphabets, and mannerisms. 

3. Books: 

Books are poppin’ and my baby is in the phase where reading and pictures are fascinating. Books are available at Target, Dollar Store, or Walmart. Also, Barnes & Noble has EVERYTHING even online. 
I would avoid toys with small pieces that can choke or hurt the toddler. There are times when toddlers are faster and slicker than the parents, therefore, make sure to avoid any accidents. 
PMAAny more ideas? Let us know, we can update the list after consideration. Like what you read here? SUBSCRIBE. 


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