Milfin’, Milkin’ & Mommyin’: Jaslyn Goes to the Park

Milfin, milkin', mommyinMilfin’, Milkin’ & Mommyin’: Jaslyn Goes to the Park

Jaslyn is my rambunctious, sassy, and extra girly 17-month old toddler. She literally walks around my home with her lotion, make up brushes, and always wants to get spruced up in any way she can. Her energy level is so high always and we have to tame that little energy bunny. When we need fun in the sun and some exercise, we head to the park.

The park gives Jaslyn a place to run and scream like most kids, but it also gives her interaction with other children. She’s the only child and she likes to hang out with other kids. By playing with other children, it opened her up to climbing and taking a ride down the slide.

As she’s running from playground to playground, I am running with her. We count, sing, hug, dance, exercise, play, kiss, and just have an amazing time. I take this time with Jaslyn very seriously because I work so much and the time with her limited as she’s growing more and more every day.

Here’s a short Vlog of Jaslyn at the Park:


Share with us what some of you do with your babies for exercise! We’d love to hear from you.

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