Milkin’ It, Milfin’ It, Mommyin’ It: Baby Sick Days

Baby Sick Days

Photo cred: London Scout

Milkin’ It, Milfin’ It, Mommyin’ It: Baby

Sick Days

Hello my fellow Milfs,

Everyone has those days where their little babies experience sick days. It is a busy day where you’re constantly running around with your whiny baby who maybe snot slinging, screaming, pooping, and everything that comes with being sick. Make sure you arm yourself with Kleenex that are soft on their small noses, Pedialyte, Baby Vick’s, and whatever you need to accomplish during down times.

Sick days can be awesome work days especially if you work from home or have projects that can be completed from your home. Sick days are stressful especially if you have more than one baby, I could only imagine. When Jaslyn has a head cold or virus, we stick to a lot of fluids, tea with lemon (she keeps her lips on my cups so I trick into some good old tea), and a humidifier. She’s usually very calm and tired so she takes long naps. These quiet times I clean up, I write, and I produce content.

Yes, I nap on sick days. You should as well, I also make sure to double up my Vitamin C ingesting juice or a supplement to make sure my immune system is intact Honestly, it’s because when I get sick after Jas, it’s like the death plague. I exercise if I feel up to it. I design any graphics for the blog. Y’all I werk when home away from my 9-5.

Make sure you keep your home wiped down, Lysol’d up, and mopped. We don’t want to spread these germs and it’s always a situation where you end up sick. So in honor of Mother’s Day tell someone you deserve a spa day, wine, and some jewelry! Milfin’ it , Milkin’ it, and Mommyin’ It is never easy, but ladies we make this look good so keep being great HUMAN ass parents.

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