Milkin’ It, Milfin’ It, & Mommyin’ It: Mommy’s Pick Up A Hobby!

Milkin' it, Milfin' It, Mommyin' It:  Momy's Pick A Hobby

Milkin’ It, Milfin’ It, & Mommyin’ It: Mommy’s pick up a hobby! You have to make sure to gain control of your spare time! Often times, the world makes us feel like we cannot have anything to ourselves. That is not the truth if you don’t want it to be! 2018 is the year where mommy’s can own who they are with the support of their significant other. 

Before I was a mother, I started searching for a way to get to know me better. Writing has always been my passion and upon having Jaslyn, I dedicated my secondary career to being a published author. It was the one that had always fulfilled me. Also, I started working out. Working out became my bread and butter to feeling whole. I would workout until I felt better. 

While pregnant I would sit down and start rubbing my stomach plotting on who Mila would be and what she would be doing. My entire early twenties got pushed into a three part series along with other women I knew. If I wasn’t writing a book, I would def read one. Mommy’s read books, talk about them with your friends, start an official book club! Just make sure that you pick up a hobby!

Bottom line mommy’s: Make sure you include something that makes you happy or keep you updated on the things that satisfies you the most. Take up a yoga class, collect crystals, go to a meditation class! Learn how to crotchet or sew and start whipping those baby clothes up and gain capital! Do whatever it takes you make you feel good about you!

Don’t let anything hold you back. There are plenty of meet up groups that support whatever your hobby is. Get to know locals and share your talents. What could it hurt? 


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