Mommy-Daughter Day Date!

Mommy-Daughter  Day Date!

Mommy’s and Daughter’s have a special bond that is to be cherished and for the mother’s who want to show their baby girl’s how much they love them and cherish their time set up a mommy-daughter day date! Often time, people forget that parenting is more than rules and just chores. However, sometimes single parents especially single mother’s can take a leap of fun faith and plan a date where you can show and teach self-care and love to your little baby doll. Self-care has to be taught; as mother’s and primarily black women we aren’t always told it’s okay to be depressed, stressed, or tired which is why self-care must be implemented. Teach that bright star that you created that they are fully capable of taking care of them primarily.

Atlanta is home to many great attractions, classes, and opportunities for growth.

Marcus JJC Atlanta offers cooking classes for small children age 3 and up! It teaches cooking, baking, and it looks super fun to participate in. Allowing your child to cook, clean, dress, and be apart of the process worked amazing for me, but it may not work for everything. It’s imperative that your kids have a diverse background because one thing you don’t want to deal with is cooking meals and shipping it off to your child and her family members unless you need financial faith.

Spa days with your baby cannot be replaced! Studio 6 Salon and Spa has a cute mommy-daughter spa packages that vary in different ages to ensure everyone’s capabilities in the treatment. Some of the packages include facials, manicure’s, pedicure’s, and more depending on age.

Leave the house and go to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta! Explore, learn, and spend quality time with your little mama! Dress alike, have a great lunch, and find some magic in your city.

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