Milkin’ It, Milfin’ It, & Mommyin’ It: Mommy Get Your Primp On

Milkin' It, Milfin' It, Mommyin' It: Mommy Get Your Primp OnMilkin’ It, Milfin’ It, &

Mommyin’ It: Mommy Get

Your Primp On

Hey Millllffffs,

Attention mommies, get your primp on! This means save yourself some coins to pamper those tires nail beds and cuticles. This also includes getting your hair done regardless of you are rocking a cute, Afro, or a wig. This also includes purchasing something toward your business! Why you ask? Because it’s OKAY.

As Mother’s, we are accustomed to wearing many hats. As girlfriends and wives, we add sustenance and support to our men. We make the house run properly and let’s be 100, we barely catch a break.

How many times have you made an excuse to stay in instead of going out with friends? Or find an excuse on why after everyone is taken care of, why you still shouldn’t treat yourself? Now, I know some things are costly, but know it’s okay to pamper you and what you have going on. Set a date or timeline for saving and once you save—go all out.

Get waxed, massages, wined and dined by you. It’ll be rewarding and by all means be excited about it. For my mommies chasing a dream with a child and a 9-5—respect.

Create yourself a budget and stick to it. Queens, I am currently working on this myself. In the matter of transparency, it’s hard AF not to be “great”. However, I am a mother. So I’m telling you don’t give up. Keep practicing adulting and each time it’ll get a little easier. I’m not a master just yet but I’m cognizant of what direction I wish to progress.

I will be releasing a journal for positive affirmations, goal detailing, and overall because Mommy shit. Keep a look out. In the meantime, go get slayed honey!

PMAI’m out, y’all.
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