Mommy Monday’s: 17 Weeks and Counting

On-Announcing-a-PregnancyAs a blogger, I share my most intimate thoughts and feelings with the blog. Well, almost everything. I’m 17 weeks pregnant and lost like all hell. But I think that’s why I want to share these moments after all.

Let me say this, I hated my first trimester and I promised the spoiled brat in me to NEVER do it again. However, moseying into my second trimester, I am armed for this pregnancy war. Damn straight, it’s a battle and no one warns you about it much. But honestly, it’s a beautiful development. From Week 17 to week 40, we will journey together as first time mommies who will remain fierce, beat, and complete!

There are some changes that a first time mother must prepare for early on and understand that things may get rocky at first.

1. Emotions are everywhere. I’m not talking about a regular mood swing. I’m talking happy go lucky, one wrong comment, and a flood of blubbering tears and eye rolling. There’s lots of eye rolling. But there’s also joy in moments when you see your baby growing and moving. Emotions and hormones change but as long as you find a moment of peace and clarity, you’ll be alright.

2. Prepare yourself for more advice than you care to have. There are mothers, grandmothers, aunts, god mothers, nutritionists, obstetricians, AND gynecologists (nosy coworkers) at your job when news gets out your pregnant. They invade your space with unwanted facts and experiences that you don’t technically want or ask for. I didn’t handle it well at first and it made me so frustrated, I’d cry trying to refrain from cursing! These people care about you even when they over step boundaries. Listen, keep some, let go of the crazy talk, and smile.

3. Take your prenatal vitamins. I revolted against mine at first because I immediately felt nausea. My doctor asked me about it, I honestly confessed. She prescribed me a new vitamin and though the smell is awful, I have a little more energy, my hair has grown and my nails have as well.
4. Try, try, and try to smile. Your body changes and it’s rough but it’ll all be worth it. Smile after you cry or when you don’t know who you are being held hostage in your own body because it happens. Just smile because you are winning this war of fatigue, aches, pains, nausea, acne, and bad attitudes.

I invite you every MomsDay aka Monday to learn whatever I’ve learned being a new mommy. Chime in moms, tell me something new, or at least laugh with me! Until next Monday!


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