Mommy Monday’s: 22 Weeks & Gaining Energy

Untitled designMommy Monday’s: 22 Weeks & Gaining Energy

Hey Mommy’s-to-be! This week I’m 22 weeks and trying to stay on top of the world. My doctor referred to pregnancy fatigue as like constantly running a marathon and chile, if It’s not the truth I’m not sure what is. It’s okay though, there are ways to gain a little more energy while on this journey to motherhood. Here’s my tips:

  1. Exercising. I know you all are tired of me telling you that exercising is the way, but goodness I can’t express to you how real it is. Give yourself at least thirty minutes of walking, swimming, lifting light weights, and cardio machines. It is much harder motivating yourself so make sure you can get your accountability partner in on the days you want to focus. Be sure to understand that if you’re going to go to the gym, get you an early night of rest to recover.
  2. Getting enough rest. Your body is not equipped for the late nights; you are trying to be “normal” but honestly, you are building a baby. Change your bedtime to suit you; early nine pm if possible, but anything before eleven. For better sleep, don’t drink two hours before bedtime to avoid frequent urination at night. Take naps, if possible, if only fifteen minutes. Shift body to move the baby away from your bladder and hopefully that’ll help with frequent urination at bed time.
  3. Eating the right foods. Recently, I felt more exhausted than anything. I had to make a grocery list filled with healthy, energy boosting foods, and dietary food that I use to live by previously before the pregnancy. I chose to incorporate my leafy greens like spinach, peanuts, lean meats, beans, cheeses, and other health rich food. Immediately after the change, I felt more amazing than before. I think women believe it’s time to pig out, but that’s not ideal every day at every moment. Be honest with yourself, a healthier lifestyle will help the pregnancy and the baby in the end. The child needs nutrients, good complex carbs, and vegetables. Burger King should be reserved for weekend cheat days.  Utilize foods rich with iron, vitamin A, B, C, and D, berries, and potassium.

These three tips can help you significantly, I know they helped me last week. As you see, I couldn’t post last week and it was due to extreme exhaustion, fatigue, and being lazy. I’m a planner,  I had to plan a new way of life. Remember your health is just as important as working your job.  If you need a day or an early break from your job, leave. Making a baby isn’t easy especially for a new mother without a clue of what should be done and not done. I wish you a productive week and wish you good luck on your workouts.


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