Mommying and 3 Things No One Told You

Mommying and 3 Things No One Told You

Mommying ain’t easy! There are so many rules to being a great parent that you can read online, but what about what no one tells you as a new mother? Ugh. It’s a little hard trying to be the best of the best but not knowing that everything will not be the same overnight. Here are 3 things that no one told you as a new Mom: 

  1. How to Deal with overly hyped children: Children are hyperactive, vigilante-superhero, balls of excitement that need to run, jump, sing, fight, liveeeee! They always say that you get no sleep, but they don’t tell you that they will like completely drain you of existence all while NEVER losing their energy and you will be a pitiful ass parental figure. Well, get ready to PLAN, plan, plan your days and weekends. Make sure they are filled with books, balls, and a 5-hour energy. 
  2. How long it takes to feel like your old self: Honey, it took me about a year to really start feeling like a human again. I felt like an emotional drone the entire after thought of being pregnant. I kept thinking to myself, who the hell am I with this kid! Am I ever going to be normal? Whennnnnn? Then one day, I was. Amen. 
  3. That is perfectly OK to take some you time: Take some You time! Run the hell away from your spouse and your baby to relax, self-love yourself, hug yourself and really devote time to read a book or take a nap at your sister’s house. Doesn’t matter what it is, it only matters that you do it. If not, you’ll be burnt out and worthless. 

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