Monif C’s Summer Swimwear Slayage


Monif C’s Summer Swimwear Slayage 

Monif C swimwearCurves in 2016 are demanding attention from those who are rocking full figured fashion. Monif C is delivering the official swimwear slayage for the season. Everything that full figured women wouldn’t wear back in the early 2000’s is on this line and demanding the attention of those slim and trim to those curvy girls.

Sea by Monif C is the ultimate sexy collection of swimwear. The bright splash of patterns, high waist bottoms, and varieties of tops and places showing off skin will leave this summer’s beach scene crazy. How often was it that a full figured woman could step onto the beach or the pool with swimwear just as hot as a skinny girl? Women used to be left in the dust feeling frumpy, but Monif C is giving life to her clients.

Monif C swimwear

Monif C swimwearTake a moment to embrace two-pieces that properly fit every curve a woman has and celebrates the body for what it is. Fringes have been highlighted on a few suits and cutout one-pieces are absolutely just as stunning. There aren’t any shapeless one pieces anymore with this line, we are looking at skin showing on the stomach, back, chest, and those thighs ladies are being praised as well. Honestly, Monif C is the goat in terms of appealing to full figured women and actually giving them a personal statement of who they are and what they demand from the world. They are curvy, successful, daring, and sexy women who aren’t afraid to love the curves she has.

Visit Monif C’s website and check out the line, we’re sure that you will adore it as much as we do.


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