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Okay, People you are due for another Dating Chronicle with me. I have been dating someone for about a month and a half and it’s been fine. Fine as in DRY.

It started out really great. He had more sense then a lot of people. College degree, Masters in the future, own place, car, and a career, but these things were just precursors for me to move forward. He made me laugh, told me to pray when I was upset, and clearly loves his family. Those attributes make a sista jump for joy, but he’s boring. When we hang out we are not where we use to be so I have to apply my own advice. SPICE IT UP, right?

I tried and it hasn’t. He’s a great catch if we walked through the park, watched movies, or even cooked eachother dinner. All these things can be done inside of the home if money is tight and this isn’t not happening. Now I am pretty much a brat but this isn’t me being a brat. I feel that when two people are starting to develop something… you need to woo me because I’m not a materialist chick and that shhh you have means nothing if you’re boring. I have such  a HUGE personality and if you’re not on the same ish as me… it won’t work.

So here’s my dilemma: When I try and back off he wants to act like he wants to do things different but he doesn’t. So I think I’m backing out and getting myself better for me and hopefully if it’s meant to be things will get better if not OH WELL. I can’t be bored to death I’m only 22. Sooo Mr. Got-it-together needs to get it allllll the way together.


I just wanted to update you on my life right now.

“Love, Peace, and Poetry…1”


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3 thoughts on “Mr. Got-it-together

  1. amelia rojas

    Okay, love this blog! Especially because it’s not general it is specific and you’re also sharing a lot with us and it’s juicy 🙂 LOL

    Okay, so here’s my motherly advice and I say motherly because I am twice your age and have a daughter just a little older than you…so, I will give you the same advice I would give her:

    First you sound a lot like me when I was your age, I think it’s normal to want an exciting, crisp and fresh relationship at any age, but especially at 22. Here’s the thing, or my take on it, on the so called “boring” relationship, sometimes these relationsips are not really “boring” and people generally speaking tend to have very high expectations and you should, but we should realize that a “good man” is hard to find especially one that is grounded has values and an education, you know that’s like finding a “needle in a hay stack” those are the marrying types if you ask me. The “exciting” type sometimes (not always) comes with conflict and have a tendency to create a bit of drama and tend to be out with you or without you…generally speaking.

    Now you have a “HUGE personality” as you said, which is why he would be a nice compliment to your relationship, I think (not expert advice) but think that if both of you had “HUGE” personalities then it might not work, he provides the nice walks on the park and you provide the excitement which is ideal and it is a balance. In other words you both balance each other, also remember it’s about give and take or meeting in the middle somewhere. I agree with you, it’s nice to be swept off our feet, like in the darn movies 🙂 But realisticly speaking that happens more frequenltly in the movies and not so much in real life, but don’t get me wrong I am sure there are plenty of men that will do all the things you want, but then they may not do the nice walks on the park or cook nice meals together, I think that’s way more important then all the excitement that others bring to a relationship.

    So as a mom I say he sounds like a great catch! maybe not now at age 22, but in the future he sure will…:)

    Remember date the man you see as the potential father to your children or future husband and not the “life of the party” type guy…:)

    So this was my motherly advice….:)

    1. beautynbrains22

      Yeah… but sitting on separate couches me reading a book and him watching videos… I need someone to show me they like me in the first couple of months honestly.

  2. amelia rojas

    Absolutely that makes sense, it sounds like he just doesn’t have much in common with you, different personality’re an extrovert and it sounds like he’s an introvert…I wrote an article about personality types and I seriously belief that knowing your personality traits/type is really important…For instance I am an INJF – The “I” is Introvert and there is no changing that, that’s me, that’s who I am…So perhaps this young man is an “I” who knows? anyhow you are a very smart young woman and only you know what you want, and perhaps this young man is not a match?


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