Music Review: DJ B.I.B “Welcome to the Jungle”

djbib Music Review: DJ B.I.B “Welcome to the Jungle” 

PMA caught up with DJ B.I.B as he released mixtaped “Welcome to the Jungle,” a mixtape that is filled with indie artists, great beats, and of course an awesome DJ.

DJ B.I.B was born in Miami, Fl and raised in the East Jungle. He attended the prestigious FAMU where he fell in love with the DJ culture after being introduced to Jam Pony Express mixtape. He decided to step behind the ones and two; it was a natural progression for him. He became infaturated with the craft and created his own style.
“Each song on the mixtape tells a story,” B.I.B told Editor of PMA. As I sit here listening, I’m reminiscing of the good ole days when people were blunt and said what they felt they needed to say. This mixtape is filled with “hood” messages, but sometimes that’s the truest living and as a poet, I appreciate these messages.

The mixtape has collaborations and features with artists such as:Jimmy Dade, Fla Amazing, Revo ZMF, Sho Zoe, Jungle Boy, Twofourk, BHGT Da Vette, Project Stack, Gheddy, Ghosteasy, TJ Gray, Jynx13, Ice Berg, PHX and Body. These independent artist put forth some great music on the mixtape.

My favorite songs are “Rich Nigga” by Revo ZMF featuring Gutta, “Feelins,” by Revo ZMF featuring Red Lyght, and “Loyalty,” from Jimmy Dade. All these songs stood out for the beats, flows, and for some reason I really like all of Revo ZMF’s songs. I would suggest stepping out of the mainstream light and step into the indie rap scene. The songs are stories of day to day reality which includes making money, loyalty, and of course chicks.
The mixtape has been out for a little over a month and have received 1800+ downloads, 1800+ streams, 19 star ratings, and 6000+ views and that’s only on Be sure to visit Datpiff, Mixconnect, or CertifiedMixtapez to take a listen and voice your opinion of the mixtape.

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Mixtape *** 1/2 out of *****

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