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natural hair products, black girlEvery hair line has tapped into the natural hair phenomenon, but not every natural girl knows about natural hair products. There are more products on the market than there were 5 years ago when I first went natural. My hair has not sprouted into an oversize giant afro just yet either. Actually, my afro is quite moderately sized and I did a chop 2 years ago. When I went natural, I had no idea what to put in my hair. The first 2 years I wore weaves and did not have a clue what my natural curl pattern looked like. After weaves, I heat trained for a year and that lead to breakage!!!! I was so angry because all my beautiful growth was gone. That is when I decided that I needed to get into the use of products. I did not take the traditional route. I wanted to use only organic natural products because I thought it would enhance my hair which it did, I still use the organic products to this day.

The thing to realize about natural hair is that everyone has a different texture and strand. What worked for me, may not work for you. I know naturals get tired of hearing this saying but it is only a disclaimer. However, the overall healthiness of hair is the goal. I wanted to try new things and so I did. I have tried the L.O.C. method. For those of you who are unfamiliar with that term,  L – Liquid (Water), O – Oil (Jojoba Oil, Jamaican Castor Oil) C- Cream (Shea Butter). I loved this method. This method is extremely important when you are doing a wash and go for hair that is clean, soft to the touch, and easy to style. Once you apply this method, you should be able to take a comb and run it through your hair without tearing the strand in half. This kept my strand shiny and soft; it felt healthier than what I had been doing previously. Remember, breakage is our worst enemy and I hate seeing hair in my comb. It is always best to use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

Natural Hair Products, Wash DayNatural Hair Products:Wash Day –

Every natural dreads this day. It takes forever. I have learned to just accept that I have to set aside half a day for washing my hair. It is worth spending those hours for hair care. To spend half of your life in a chair at the beauty shop and now be in the comfort of your own home gives you a new found freedom. Some naturals do not like shampoo while others resort to creating their own. I absolutely love Millcreek Botanical’s Biotin Shampoo which cost $12 each. My hair loved it too! After washing my hair with this shampoo during the summer, I noticed that my hair was thicker, stronger, and had a much more developed curl pattern. I got compliments when I was only wearing just a puff. I thought that was such a regular hairstyle but I was able to wear it effortlessly. Wash and go’s became much easier. I did not have to pile on so much gel or cream to create the look I desired. There are several other shampoos and conditioners that naturals can use. The Shea Moisture line is very popular among naturals as well as the Dark and Lovely Au Naturale line. Kinky Curly Knot Today is also another popular product that many naturals use. If you are going to try different lines, it is best to use the product until it is gone or within 2-3 months. Switching can cause your hair to become resistant to the effects of the product.

Natural Hair products, edge control

Natural Hair Products: Edge Control –

This is an ongoing debate and frankly, I don’t even get into those conversations. I have used every edge control on the market. Some work while others just do nothing at all. I have wasted so much money on edge control that I should probably be rich right now. Of all those edge tamers, my edge control of choice is … Gorilla Snot Gel. Yes! A little bit goes a long way. I love the gooey, slimy, yellow-tinted stuff. It works wonders because it holds all day. I bought a bottle of this a few months back and I still have it. I don’t know the shelf life of it and I probably should check into it. When I tell you this stuff lays your edges all the way down, it slays those edges like you just had a relaxer. For best results, tie your hair down with a scarf for at least 10 to 15 mins to get the lay that will slay all

natural hair products, gorilla snot


 Natural Hair Products: Vitamins –

There is no shame to using hair vitamins to get a faster growth rate. The cool thing is that it makes you drink more water. This is a major part of your hair growth, the water that you consume. Hairfinity vs. Manetabolism is actually a real thing. I used Manetabolism because I wanted to try the alternative to the mainstream. Now Manetabolism is the mainstream. Hairfinity is great. Manetabolism worked wonders for me. I still have a few pills left. I spread them out over the course of 30 days because I noticed that my hair itched beyond belief. It itched like I was wearing box braids. I sprayed it, oiled it, and washed it but nothing would relieve that itch. I found my Sulfur 8 braid spray which gave me some relief but not much. The debate over whether your hair itches when it grows, I would like to say that it does very much. The itch is worse when taking vitamins ladies. Check for pricing on the vitamins.

I am no natural hair guru that has all the answers. But the least I can do is offer tips that I know for sure will work. The natural hair series will feature several articles with pros, cons, tips, styles and more. Forever au natural.

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