Nayo Smash’s “Potential” Is for the Ambition Black Girl

Nayo SmashNayo Smash’s “Potential” Is for the Ambition Black Girl

Nayo Smash’s hit “Potential” is for the ambition black girl who is really out there grinding to get what she wants in her life. The lyrics of uplifting the black woman as she goes to school, works, and handles whatever business she has is such a refreshing song from other rap hits out.

Nayo (Nigh-yo) was raised in the streets of East Atlanta battle rapping at the classic Club Primetime and gaining notoriety. His first solo venture was “The Appetizer”, hosted by legendary Atlanta DJ Gregg Street. The Appetizer was a sample of the positive substance, nourishment, and energy Nayo’s music delivered…hence the name “The Appetizer.” Fast forwarding to mid 2016, Nayo released his thought provoking album entitled “Philogynist,” dedicated to the true essence of women everywhere. This gem-filled album provides motivation to women while also giving them an outlook on how men think when it comes to relationships, providing a melodic array of positive affirmations for young women everywhere.


PMA had a chance to sit and talk to Nayo about “Potential”.

PMA: Tell readers who you are as an artist.

Nayo: Me as an artist is the same me as the person and that’s the reason my artist name is my real name. My raps come from my real life experiences and/or real life aspirations.

Nayo Smash

PMA: What the song “Potential” is all about and what inspired the song?

Nayo: “Potential” is about the women with drive and good work ethic. I see a lot of women being put on a pedestal just because they’re pretty with their ass hanging out, so I wanted to show love to the hard working/ honest women out there.

PMA: The video is visually powerful as you have a single mother with a son working and going to school to be a better person. In the end, she ends up graduated and she’s stepped up in life and that potential is what makes the woman attractive. Is that what you look for? Ambitious girls? I only ask because there are so many songs out here that don’t rep for the women who are doing the opposite of pop culture expectations.

Nayo: I definitely look for an ambitious woman. Like who wants a woman who sits around and does nothing all day? I need a chick that’s gonna motivate me to go harder based off her accomplishments and vice versa.

PMA: What’s next for Nayo?

Nayo: Definitely working on more visuals. More visuals, more visuals, more visuals! That’s what me and the team are on right now, more visuals for this “message music.” Looking to drop another project in the next coming months and another before summer.

PMA: Is there a new project? Performances? Where can readers find you?

Nayo: A new project soon, real soon, and hopefully releasing a Philogynist 2.0, depending on demand. We have a few tracks that didn’t make the cut for the original Philogynist album but are still dope AF, so might release them on a bonus album. Currently revamping my site so all upcoming events, shows, etc will be posted there but until now you can follow all of my social media @nayosmash. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat.

Make sure you go and support local artist! Nayo Smash is talented, lyricist, and dope when it comes to telling a story. Start listening, going to shows, and paying attention to Nayo Smash’s records.

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