Ne-Yo and Monyetta: What Would You Do for Love?

Ne-Yo and Monyetta: What Would You Do For Love?

Ne-Yo and Monyetta: What Would You Do For Love?

Last week, there were articles circulating the web about Ne-Yo and His ex, Monyetta Shaw. The articles were all about how Ne-Yo married Crystal Renay and has had a new baby after Monyetta Shaw got her tubes tied because he stated they were done with building their family. All I could think of was what would I do for love? Would I give up the chance for more children because I was in love and made an agreement? Would that agreement backfire on me shattering my heart? I just couldn’t say.

The first thing that came to mind was ‘Hell NO!,’ I wouldn’t give up the ability to give up birth, but I haven’t sat down and discussed it for hours, days, or months with the man I love. I haven’t planned a wedding with someone and decided that this was right for our future so that hell no could easily turn into certainly. But just the thought that love could sway a decision is such a powerful concept.

As a society, women will come out of their inexperienced throats and say something foul about Monyetta’s choice, but I think we should all shove our preconceived notions of how we would handle it and let her live. I mean, how many times have you been crazy in love and done something you’d never do for a regular guy? It’s different for you because you and your dude were a couple of regular people and no one follows you around to remind you of your life choices. So it’s safe to say, we’ve all done something irrational for love. But now being age 26, I’m thinking of what I would do for love in this moment. There’s no honest answer at this time, but there are ways to think it through.

Ne-Yo and Monyetta: What Would You Do For Love?

Break Up to Make Up

Love will have you quitting someone then turning around and taking them back. You could literally see red when you think of them one day, call it quits, spend a day missing them, and run back. Love makes you re-evaluate your decisions. It’s safe to say that you shouldn’t be competing in a repetitive match on who can break up with who and for how long before we start missing one another in a relationship. If that’s what you have in mind, then you don’t need nobody in your life because you’re immature. Next time tensions are high, tell your partner you need space and time to evaluate things. After, take yourself out of the environment and think of a way to fix the situation instead of just chucking the deuces and regretting it moments later.


Monyetta Shaw thought that her relationship was just on pause as the pair lived together, but found out that Ne-Yo had moved on. In fact, Ne-Yo moved on to another woman and apparently thought starting a new life and family with this new woman was a grand idea. The shift in love is such a powerful one; here’s an example of a shift for these two. Somewhere in this relationship, the communication totally went out of the window. Make sure you let your significant other know how you feel about all things because even though it may get annoying, I bet it’ll save you from Monyetta situation. I can’t blame Mo though, If I had a man that made promises to me and made bread like he did, I’d probably wouldn’t be so anti-Ne-Yo. I would make the “right” decisions with the “right” partner.

Find and Keep You

Ever notice that you get sucked into being a girlfriend and wife playing all of these roles until you begin to lose you? Maybe that happened in this case or maybe it didn’t… Let’s be honest, Ne-Yo is capable of being a f*ck boy like the rest of them. Anyway, losing yourself can be quite easy when you’re busy helping lead another person’s life instead of leading your own. Be aware of the slight attachment to your man or woman and then take a step back and figure out who you are. Go out into this sea of talent and find you. Once you find you, please darling, keep you. It’s okay to know your worth, demand respect, and it may help the relationship out some. Start loving and vibing with you.

There’s a silver lining; however, as Monyetta figured out the truth about who her lover was. It may be rocky now, but all things get better. What would you do for love? The only advice I can give you on this question is whatever you do, protect yourself, your self-worth, and your ability to reproduce unless it’s YOUR choice to change it. What would I do for love? I’d open my eyes and heart to what was being offered and try my best to use my mind through prayer and meditation to make sure it was progressing in the right direction.


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