New Year & 2019 Lessons

Happy New Year! 2019 was a long, draining year for some of us but n*gga we made it! 2020 is here to stay and we will beasts all the goals we have set. Though 2019 may have been rocky, there were a few lessons learned!

Lesson one: You cannot fix everything for everyone and THAT’S OK… We enter friendships and relationships to lend support and receive support but sometimes we have to be OK with walking away without a solution and offering empathy.

Lesson two: LIVE your life. Often times, bills, doubts, and depressions can cause folks to hide away from the world. Don’t! I learned that we as people need to just live our lives to the best of our abilities regardless of what BS comes in. We can’t hide away from the issues, but get better and fix it.

Lesson three: Walk-in whatever purpose that is for you! Last lesson–Walk it, talk it, and live it. Your purpose matters.

Either way, 2020 will be the year of living your best life. So get into it!


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