New Year Affirmations

New Year AffirmationsNew Year Affirmations

It’s a new year and we are so grateful to have you as readers yet another year! New Year affirmations are to start off the year strong with oral recognition of wants and needs in your year. It is another year that you have lived, you have thrived, and you will conquer whatever negative powers that come to you.

Recently, I’ve discovered that MYSELF needs to be preserved because I am steady giving away all my energy instead of gaining and tapping into my oral capabilities as a goddess. Speaking and affirming the goals of my 2018 will only make my mind stronger in believing in the goals.

New Year/Transforming into a More Self-Loving, Self-Aware SELF 

This new year has afforded a tough lesson that I am still learning, but I appreciate the following affirmations for January.


  1. All of my energies will be focused on uplifting, loving, appreciating the skin that I am in. I own my heart and my success.
  2. I release worry from my mind, body, and soul. I change the outcome of my circumstances I can control and those I can’t, I release those into the Universe.
  3. I will release all energies out of me daily and reload my energy with meditation, praying, and relaxation.
  4. I am a great woman; strong and I get the job done.
  5. My territory will increase.

What are some of your affirmations for the new year? Are they working? How is your energy? Make sure no matter what comes your way you are thankful and accepting of the changes. It’s easier said than done, believe me.

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