New Year’s Eve D.O.P.E Henna Brunch Was Vibes

New Year’s Eve D.O.P.E Henna Brunch Was Vibes

D.O.P.E Henna Brunch

This New Year’s Eve Pardon My Audacity partied it up with D.O.P.E Henna goddess, Tayler Monique at her Dope Henna Brunch. Tayler is a genuine dope ass female who spirit is just shining on everything she touched. Of course, I had to support her customer appreciation brunch and get some henna!

New Year Eve Dope Henna Brunch Was Vibes


There was a fire DJ, crystals, chakra incense, henna, oh and food! There were a chicken and waffle making station, tortilla chips, salsa, and homemade guacamole. Did I forget endless mimosas? Oh, yes! We danced, ate, networked, and loved each other. Tayler made sure to hug and speak affirmations over every guest’s life and it was chill. We had hookah, too!

New Year Eve Dope Henna Brunch Was Vibes

Who wouldn’t want to eat good, drink great, party to oldies and new music all the while getting blessed with henna? But to feed off of the natural beauty aura from Tay, D.O.P.E stands for Drawing on Positive Energy which I feel was the exact feeling in the room Sunday. It was advertised to be from 11-4pm, however, I didn’t depart until 7! It was such a positive experience I was able to bring baby Jaslyn to work with me!

New Year Eve Dope Henna Brunch Was Vibes


Tayler is very creative with freestyling henna designs as well as recreating a look for a customer request. She effortlessly smoke hookah and henna’d my wrist up. She was timely while lit; she got up and danced a few times, but we all had an amazing time. But fun fact: She makes her own paint for the process, packages it up, and the universe does the rest! 

Henna is traditionally used for special occasions like holidays, birthdays and weddings in Africa, Pakistan, India, and the Middle East. Tayler has stepped up our game in ATL with D.O.P.E Henna; how many black beauties do you know doing henna though? Oh, ok. We’ll wait for your answer. Connecting positive beings with positive energy is always goals for a new and successful year. 

Here are the highlights of the event:

New Year Eve Dope Henna Brunch was Vibes

Pretty much, if you missed the event you missed out on a great movement of positive energy, great conversation with interesting entrepreneurs, yummy food, mimosas, and poppin’ henna. You enjoyed twerkin’, baby dances, DJ cursing us out for not drinking enough, and beautiful black women in one room with sexy men with intellectual conversation. Yessss, the event was all of that. No lie. 

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