PMA Spills the Tea with Nicki Minaj Single Again & Pharrell Talks Kim Burrell on The Ellen Show

PMA Spills the TeaPMA Spills the Tea with Nicki Minaj Single Again & Pharrell Talks Kim Burrell on The Ellen Show

PMA is spilling hot tea chile! Nicki Minaj is Single again and Ellen DeGeneres has banned Kim Burrell from The Ellen Show.

Nicki MinajNicki Minaj is SINGLE

Nicki Minaj confirmed this morning that she’s “single” and isn’t dating Meek Mills any longer. According to her, her focus for 2017 is her work.  “[I’m] looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon,” she said. “Have a blessed New Year.”

Complex reports that back in December, people concerned with such matters started speculating that Nicki and Meek had called it off for good after a series of cryptic social media posts suggested a permanent move to Splitsville. She confirmed today, what do you think? Were you tired of Omeeka? (Personally, I hated them together).

Source: Complex.

Kim Burrell is Banned from The Ellen Show and Pharrell Talks about It 

Kim Burrell has received tons of backlash for her recent homophobic comments. Her comments have gotten her removed and banned from a recent appearance on The Ellen Show.

She was supposed to perform with Pharrell on Ellen’s show to help promote the new film, “Hidden Figures,” as they are on the soundtrack and in the film.

Ellen stated she didn’t think it was right to give Kim Burrell a platform following her comments and asked Pharrell what he thought. He said, “There’s no space, there’s no room for any kind of prejudice in 2017 or moving on.”

What are you guys thinking? Was Kim voicing her opinion or being hateful? Is there a difference of opinion and hateful thoughts when it comes to different groups like LGBT community?

Here’s a video of Ellen and Pharrell:


That’s the tea of the day honey! Let us know how you feel about it!

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