No Sir, Lying Will Not Save Us!

No Sir, Lying Will Not Save Us!No Sir, Lying Will Not Save Us!

“Can you just hear me out?” One of my classic ex’s stated. “No sir, lying will not spare my feelings or do men really believe lying is an option to spare their girl’s feelings? It’s definitely not. Now, not *all* women can handle the truth, but they deserve it even if they know it or not. 

Lying is annoying and often times, it’s unnecessary as hell. I can only speak for myself when I say I appreciate the gritty truth. I don’t care if the result are tears; at least, I was given the option to choose. Not all women are receptive to the truth, but they should be. 

Accepting the truth will open communication, clear out the intuitive thoughts you’ve had, and will clear up the perception of the partner. Plus, ain’t lyin’ difficult? You have to literally remember every lie to play the part. I can even remember where I placed my keys five seconds ago! How do you remember a bunch of petty, immature lies? It’s okay, I’ll wait. 

Listen, every situation and person is different. It is best that you speak about the relationship issues before a big blow up occurs. Plus, you never know what has already been swept under the rug, upset or hurt the other party. Make sure to listen before you sound off. 

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