Ode to my Exes: Thank you

Pardon My AudacityOde to my Exes: Thank you

Dear Men that I’ve previously loved,


Thank you for the lessons learned, the tears cried, and the dramatic endings. This means that you weren’t for me, but you were here to teach me, and if you know me you know I love to learn. When the lessons were coming; however, I wasn’t so receptive and that’s the immaturity I was in at the time. There were some times when I wanted to turn up, bust some windows out of cars, and even wanted to punch a couple of your family members, but I didn’t. There were moments when you wanted to domestically abuse me, tell me to sit my ass down, or just walk away from the dramatics. We were both equally as awful as we were loving, committed, and honest.

This is an ode to you all who’ve made me into the woman I am today; girlfriend wise that is. I’ve learned a few things in my heyday and as I’m going through what I like to call “Middle-Pause” at the tender age of 25; I’m a different woman. I’ve learned that once you make a decision to be with someone; you have to own it. Why regret it? He was crème de la crème when you had him so don’t even reject the situation now that it’s over. Embrace yourself as a woman and look at your truth head on because women are bred to carry the world and be graceful while doing so.

I’ve learned that everyone will not like you and that is perfectly fine, but they must respect you. There is only so much one person can take before they feel disrespected and that’s where the problem will lie, if it’s not checked in the beginning. Men that I’ve loved, some of you didn’t understand that I was going to voice my opinion, whether you like it or not, that’s who I am. But I’ve learned that there is a way to express yourself and a way to nicely rectify a situation.

I’ve learned that infatuation can lead you to two years of pain. If the person you’re with isn’t sincere, honest, loyal, and makes you feel completely beautiful inside and out; leave. The beginning will feel ordained like it’s meant to be everything you ever hoped for, but sometimes things change. Change is the most complicated situation when you feel you love someone and when it’s abruptly forced, it can definitely hurt. This lesson is one that came with tears and two years of wasted, weak ass time, but I learned that I am stronger than my circumstance.

Last lesson that I wish to thank my ex-lovers for is the fact that I can discern bullshit, read others before the games begin, and the fact that I can allow love in no matter how hurt I’ve been. These lessons are the most prevalent as a twenty-five year old woman. I have either stayed friends or ended friendships with you all, but I do want to thank you for helping me because I’ll make a better wife for the next man.



Jasmine Jackson, Editor-in-Chief of PMA


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