Is it OK to Stay After He Cheated?

Is it OK to Sadw ro Stay After He Cheated

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Is it OK to Stay After He Cheated?

Is it OK to stay after he cheated? I mean, this is the hardest question in the book. I’m just going to say this: if you aren’t married, run. Why stay? Unless you have a kid together and there is a logical motive to stay for the comfort of the situation before making a clean, respective break. If you are married, how must trust and loyalty will be left if infidelity takes place.

I’m NOT married. I do not have married women answers, but I do have a brain and a heart. When someone cheats on you, there’s levels to it. You feel that there’s something wrong with you or that you did something wrong toward him. Most times, it’s not even your fault per say. Also, you start to feel that two can play that game and most times your feelings stilllllllllll don’t get better. I say that for marriage the rules should always be give the person a second chance unless it hits two close to home or the FB has a completely different lifestyle he’s hiding. Vows were exchanged for a reason, finances are tied up, and there are possibly innocent babies who will be affected because y’all gonna act like toddlers yourself for a divorce or even separation. Let’s go for counseling, communication, and trying for a second time.

However, my single ladies with no loyalty ties or child ties… get on! You do not have to deal with infidelities if this person isn’t placing a ring on your finger, doesn’t see the value of communication before stepping out, or doesn’t know how bomb you are! Like really? I mean to be fair, hear them out and decide if taking a step back and re-evaluate the characteristics of the person and situation. Decide if this is worth your time and also don’t make decisions based off any friend tells you. You have to use your common sense and your heart to figure out what is needed to move forward.

  1. Be open to communication in order to make a decision.
  2. Don’t allow him to play victim or pass blame. If there are reasons, LISTEN intently but also know HE HAD A CHOICE TO F*CK/DATE/PAY/TEXT the next chick.
  3. Meditate
  4. Follow your mind.
  5. Listen to your heart.

Would you take your cheating spouse/boyfriend back? Let us know.

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