On Again, Off Again: A Guide for Being Friends with Wishy Washy Couples

On Again, Off Again: A Guide for Being Friends with Wishy Washy CouplesOn Again, Off Again: A Guide for Being Friends with Wishy Washy Couples

We’ve alllllll had that friend who stayed in an on again, off again relationship–it’s annoying, but this is a guide for being friend with these wishy washy couples. Remember guys, these wishy washy couples can still be your friends, but you do have to keep in mind your peace. Let’s not take home their relationship demons and bring negativity into our own lives, right? Right.


  1. When your friends vent, listen. Do not comment and do not pass judgment. More times than not, they just want a counselor. If you don’t want to be the counselor that day, be vocal about it. You don’t have to be mean just say, “Girl, let’s talk about something positive first before we talk relationships. [insert compliment] Girl, let’s talk about that glow you got! What you been doin’ to get that glowwww!” I have found that when you assign judgment to your friend’s significant other it causes miscommunication so it’s better to be vocal at all cost.
  2. Don’t tell nobody to leave their mate! That is not your place unless there is a severe circumstance. Do not yell out, “Leave his ass!” or anything because you don’t want anyone to do that to you. Also, this goes back to want. Just listen, don’t judge.
  3. Make sure that both parties are on good terms before a double date–always.
  4. Don’t take sides. No matter how bad especially when/if you are friends with both parties. It’s not fair. Regardless who you knew first or what bond stay out of their business and decision-making.
  5. Make sure you and your significant other meditate, pray, and ground yourselves after those encounters. You don’t want to bring issues into your home because misery loves company and your friends are miserable. Not fair!


For those who do break up and get back together all the time, can you please make a decision? If you’re relationship is toxic, it’s perfectly acceptable to leave the relationship. Love shouldn’t mean sacrificing your happiness and health to put up with mess.  

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