On The Run: Jay-Z and Beyonce

Beyonce-Jay-Z-On-The-Run-Video-Let's Go Get EmOn The Run: Jay-Z and Beyonce

  If you were lucky enough to have tickets to the launch of the “On The Run” Tour in my adopted home of Miami, FL on Wednesday June 25,2014, you got more than you ever could’ve imagined from the ultra private Sean and Beyoncé Carter. There is no denying that this is the most powerful couple in the world, bar none. To qualify that you can point to many things: Jay-Z makes a deal with Samsung (insuring that the album would go platinum) that cost his fans not one dime as long as they had a Samsung product (Phone or Tablet) Beyoncé decided immediately preceding Christmas to drop her album package complete with videos exclusively with iTunes, something never done previously. Not even a single was released and that album went platinum in 24 hours (worldwide.) The fact that they have an annual income in excess of $95,000,000.00, or perhaps Beyoncé has recently been voted the most influential woman in the world, replacing billionaire Oprah Winfrey.
Jay-Z-Beyonce-On-The-Run-Tour Miami
   For Beyoncé this has been and always will be about her music, her image, and her independence. While still a member of Destiny’s Child, Oprah Winfrey gave Beyoncé this advice, “Whomever you are dating, don’t let the media know.” A message Mrs. Carter stayed faithful to up to and after she married Hov. Her husband is the polar opposite. Jay-Z is not a businessman, he’s a business and man. That’s not to lessen his accomplishment as a musician, Jay is just all about making money from whatever avenue he can. Something Beyoncé (not unlike myself) cannot identify with as her parents were upper middle class; Jay a drug dealer from the streets in Brooklyn, NY housed in Marcy Housing Projects. That ladies and gentlemen, is the backdrop to the most unlikely love story ever told.
If you’ve seen either star perform in concert together or apart, you are aware that you get your money’s worth. “Beyoncé puts on a better show than anyone on the planet,” says JayZ via twitter (@S_C_). You can’t get a better endorsement than that from a man who strives for perfection in any endeavor he partakes in. Straight off the heels of “The Mrs. Carter Tour,” we are treated to …On The Run.
Fake Mugshot
Jay was with Beyoncé every date of her tour, “Drunk In Love,” reaching #1 world wide. Initially, I thought, “I was just on the run wasn’t I?” I had seen the show in London, Glasgow (Scotland,) and Paris. I would’ve kicked myself missing this tour.
   Finally, Beyoncé and Jay-Z let you inside their private life that is locked up tighter than a virgin in a chastity belt on prom night. Finally, wedding pictures and videos. More touching to me, photos and videos of the elusive Blue Ivy Carter. While Beyoncé sings “Halo” we see both parents interacting with the toddler and Beyoncé ask her daughter for a kiss that Blue playfully says no to and then kisses her mom and runs away. To me, that was moment of the concert. “Halo,” was written to the child that Jay and Bey lost via miscarriage, to see that wound actually being healed moved me. In all honesty, I finally saw them as regular people, having experiencing that exact same thing, knowing what it takes to get through that, brought the megastars out of the stratosphere and down to earth even if for only that brief 3:44(length of song.) My favorites by Jay are still the older works when he rapped too fast because he had so much to say. He’s slowed down, the “Forever Macking” is now forsaking all others as he laughs at himself doing “Girls, Girls” and “Song Cry” Jay will still diss you if he has to. Along with his mug shot he put up those of Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, and James Brown (Brown looked the worse.) You see the growth in a man that has been the best in Hip Hop since the slayings of Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace. He has been quoted saying that Bey, “saved my life.” A good woman’s love can do that.
 If you can afford to, see this show. I believe it is the first, last, and only look you will get to see behind the “Great Wall Of Carter,” they do not want Blue overexposed of put under a microscope. You’re going to pay big money even for the cheapest of seats, but as I said previously, you will get you money’s worth. There are those that say that they’re only giving you inside view because of that “thing” that happened in the elevator. While I cannot neither confirm or deny that, I ask you this: At anytime reading this article did you think about that thing in the elevator? No? I didn’t either, not while watching the show, or writing this article. As Jay asks Beyoncé in Bonnie and Clyde 2003 and she asks Jay in Deja Vu, “Are you ready Bey (Jay)? The Answer: Yup! Then let’s go get ’em!


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