Open Letter to My AFRICAN AMERICAN Kings and Queens

Open Letter for African American Kings and QuensOpen Letter to My AFRICAN AMERICA Kings and Queens

We have blood on our hands. We have the shadows of our ancestors attached to our backs. We are equivocally feared for what appears to be the genetics we acquired during conception. Our fists have continued to rise little by little attempting to be seen or heard, but all that is heard is the ricochet of the bullets entering our bodies. Then our bodies, they hit the floor. They crash and slump onto concretes, police cars, front seats, and they bleed out on cameras from individuals who are too afraid to step in and fight back. We are tired of speaking their names. Their parents are forging forward to be greater than before; alive, yet dead as their seeds have been splattered across America’s ground. What now?

We take action. Rally; I don’t mean walk around crying. I mean formulate plans. Have open discussion. Have a place where we can figure out ways to not be so COMPLACENT and actually stay on top of everything.

We must be dominate because pop culture is now currently in 2016; African culture. We must be the dominate gene because now the mixture of genes are always being mixed with African blood. We must be superior in some form or fashion because they are killing us as if they have something to fear.


Fear on.


Jasmine Jackson, Editor-in-Chief 


Please comment the name of your BLACK OWNED business, we will start to post weekly to update people on where to shop. 


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6 thoughts on “Open Letter to My AFRICAN AMERICAN Kings and Queens

  1. Clara

    Agreed! There’ s been an uprising of racist hatred mimicking the 50s and 60s Jim Crow. People of color have to stand against racist cops, losing our children to gun violence and keeping silent…

    It’s time we make our mouths a gun to shoot the truth of lies told to our faces, while our sons and daughters are dying.I shared via tweet an fb this awakening post.

    1. pardonmyaudacity Post author

      Thank you so much. I am so glad that you enjoyed this piece and understood where I was coming from. We must really get active. I will have a weekly post highlighting black-owned businesses. Please come back and share.

  2. Niema Graham

    Since 1990 Picture Company, LLC is a digital media & creative services company. It is owned by Niema Graham & Austin Toney. It is black owned, we create in-house visual content & also provides creative services for the community such as weddings, head shots, commercials for local businesses & etc.


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