Be Beat, Bomb, & Boss with Beauty by Bee

Hey girl Hey, be beat, bomb, & boss with Beauty by Bee! Bee Patterson is theeeee baddest MUA in Atlanta with a crazy, sexy, cool demeanor. I had the pleasure of meeting her on the set of a pilot I contributed writing to, The Gift of Zara. That smile, the talent, and the personality made me ask for an in-depth...

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Black Girls Are Bullies In the Media

Black Girls Are Bullies In the Media Black girls are bullies in the media and I want to know why? Every reality show, movie, and social media portray black women as bullies and it’s annoying. Thank God for movies like Girls Trip, Black Panther, and A Wrinkle in Time at a time as we live […]


Jamie Ray Feat. NBA Youngboy “16” Review

Jamie Ray Feat. NBA Youngboy “16” Review Jamie Ray’s song featuring NBA Youngboy “16” is a dope kickback appropriate record. Out here in Atlanta, we are the known for riding with bangin’ ass beats, catchy lyrics, and flossing. Jamie Ray is a Florida boy repping ATL vibe music perfectly with his collab...


Black Girls Need Their Father’s

My daughter Jaslyn and her daddy! Bottom line, black girls need their fathers! Yes, all girls deserve the unconditional love from their father, but I can only speak for the little brown girls that look like me.  My father wasn’t present in my life after 2 and I sought him out to reconnect with him […]

“Lifted Thoughts” Just a brief Thought

It is not enough to just act as if nothing matters Because everything should matter; even shit you barely identify with Because everything is a tie to something else… The tear that fell from...

Marta Chronicles

I absolutely hate riding Marta! They are creepers everywhere And people randomly dance and sing! I guess there’s nothing else to say but welcome to Atlanta! Sitting there in that dirty seat of...

Take pride

Take pride

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Create the best YOU

It’s 2012 and there are still a bunch of *shitty* people out here… Let’s just say this: It is time to step up and become the best you because that’s what really counts…...

Lost a post

Tonight my post would have been deep but my shitty droid exited the previous message so your stuck with this! 🙁

A Respect Thing

Love comes first Respect is next Loyalty is third Relationships need these things & when someone blatantly says “fuck it” than its basically “F” you! Correct the issue...

Newsflash: Do Not Settle!

Settling is totally unacceptable and people need to understand that they need TO LOVE THEMSELVES before loving someone else! Read my here NEWFLASH: Do NOT Settle...

“Lifted Thoughts” morning edition

Be happy just being yourself Most time the people you try so hard to be are really trying to be someone they admire… in essence, its really one BIG stupid (pardon my language) ASS cycle....

Other woman

Its seems I cannot be yours You are hers all day It seems to me she loves u I’m just a regular girl you wanna play That’s y feelings are weak& Tears do not matter When we’re...


A couple years or more We fought to close the door With ups and downs with time We jumped and disconnected lines Yet my love I breathe you I believe in you I could never deceive you I am releasing...