18 Pounds Down & Counting

Hey, y’all! I am 18 pounds down and counting with the Keto diet! My story: Two years shy of having my daughter Jaslyn. I was feeling fatigued, bloated, and couldn’t keep up with my own child. I wanted to really turn my life around and as I was searching Instagram I kept seeing the Keto […]

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Black Girls Are Bullies In the Media

Black Girls Are Bullies In the Media Black girls are bullies in the media and I want to know why? Every reality show, movie, and social media portray black women as bullies and it’s annoying. Thank God for movies like Girls Trip, Black Panther, and A Wrinkle in Time at a time as we live […]


Jamie Ray Feat. NBA Youngboy “16” Review

Jamie Ray Feat. NBA Youngboy “16” Review Jamie Ray’s song featuring NBA Youngboy “16” is a dope kickback appropriate record. Out here in Atlanta, we are the known for riding with bangin’ ass beats, catchy lyrics, and flossing. Jamie Ray is a Florida boy repping ATL vibe music perfectly with his collab...


How Many Friends Do You Have?

Likeeeee, how many friends do you have? I’m not even going to insert the word real because at almost thirty the people who you allow in your life has to have substance. If not, I’m not sure how the hell you are surviving out here in this big world without separating and securing yourself against […]

What you allow yourself to put up with

The more you love someone the more it seems that they have the ability to hurt you. If love is to be the most pure and beautiful thing than why do people continue to abuse it? And the ones who are...

Age is nothing but a number!

Age is nothing but a number! Own it, believe it, and live it! Let’s be real, everybody has talked to someone a couple years older or younger than yourself. However, it seems people are dating...

Hello world!

I say what I feel. Write it when I feel it. Regret nothing. Live life through positivity. Official blogger Jan 15, 2012. I shall give you my point of view on any and everything that intrigues me! So...