Paula Patton: Dating an “Almost Divorced” Man Zach Quittman

Paula Patton: Dating an “Almost Divorced” Man Zach Quittman

Paula Patton

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The word on the street is ‘you lose your man how you get him’ and now that celebrity Paula Patton is dating an “almost divorced” man Zach Quittman inquiring minds want to know is it acceptable? Technically, the married pair has decided to call it quits, but they are NOT divorced.

“Being in the process of a divorce is still married!” is being screamed and projected onto Paula. Is it fair to blame Paula for this controversial situation? Are people just as fired up with Zach for not moving on differently? Is he not the reason Paula Patton is all in her feelings shouting out their love? Why are they so in love so quickly, right?

Marriage is a sacred bond that shouldn’t be interrupted. Paula should’ve know the backlash she’d receive regardless what her man confirms to be going on in his marriage. However, let me play devil’s advocated. There hasn’t been much discussion on Quittman’s wife, their relationship, and if both parties respectfully want to end their union. If the wife confirms their separation and divorce, will it change society’s thoughts on Paula and Zach? 
Probably not. But here’s what I notice about black women in Hollywood: 
1. They don’t give AF about what other’s think. 
2. They make decision THEY are OK with. 
3. They won’t be apologizing to those who do not agree. 
Anywho, what do you think?
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