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The Phoenix symbolizes a renewal in life. It’s a resurrection and a rebirth for something new to come. “Phenix Organics aims to bring new life to skin and hair for men,women, and children of all ethnicities and background,” says Fatima Mathews. Mathews founded and created Phenix Organics and we love a great entrepreneur and their products. PMA sat down for an one-on-one with Fatima about her self-made products.


PMA: Tell the readers about the start of Phenix Organics.

PO: Phenix Organics started in New Jersey in 2004 while I was doing loc repair part time out of my home. By 2007, the company evolved to include skincare after my son was born with jaundice then severe eczema. By 2010, I was selling skincare & hair care remedies to friends & family. In 2011, a friend started persuading me to go into business. 2011-2013 was spent researching and conceptualizing what would be Phenix Organics and in 2015 Phenix arose!

PMA: The products are centered on natural healing and are vegan products. What inspired the all-natural vegan ingredients for the products?


PO: Being a vegetarian and strong believer of holistic healing methods, I wanted to ensure our products maintained the motto “you are what you eat” and the idea of being able to consume what you put on your body is ideal for those who crave multi-use of things from nature. Our use of essential oils gives your skin and hair the nutrients it needs while nourishing your bodies senses with aromatherapy created with the proprietary blending of these oils.

PMA: What is the top seller and what does it do for the skin or hair that other products do not do on the market?

PO: The Phenix Organics’ Regenerator conditioning oil is our top seller! The regenerator can be compared to Neutrogena sesame oil in that it leaves your skin soft, moisturized, and refreshed without an oily residue. As with all of Phenix Organics products, the regenerator should also be used on the hair! It serves as a daily leave-in conditioner or hot oil treatment generating the same effects as on the body.

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PMA: What sets this company apart from other all-natural skincare lines?

PO: Phenix Organics policy will always be to stay true to the ingredients of a product, to always ensure visible benefits to skin, and healing and provide skin and hair care therapy through personalization and catering to client’s needs. We have no desire to become mainstream and placed on shelves in supermarkets as the invitation to Replenish, Revive and Redefine one’s body will be personal.

PMA: As an entrepreneur of a hair and skin care product, what are the most challenging and rewarding part of the business?

PO: The most challenging aspect of the business is the education, cultivation and maintenance of our client base. The most rewarding is seeing our education come to fruition with proven results and from happy and satisfied clients benefiting from use of Phenix Organics.


PMA: What is next for Phenix Organics?

IMG_1678PO: Phenix Organics is constantly looking to bring new things to life! We have just launched our men’s care line, REIGN for the Kings in our life! For the Holidays, we are having a lunch trunk show in Atlanta GA on black Friday (location TBA). In January of 2016, we will launch our Phenix distributor program to enable clients to purchase from their local favorite earthprenuer!


PMA: Where can interested readers find and order products?


PO: Phenix organics products can be found online, in Atlanta at Cut Creaters Salon & Boutique, in Plano, Texas at Styles By Elaine Salon, in Dallas Texas at Lil Tings Boutique and through Sneak Peak Organic Sample Box.


There are very few companies that are making products on orders and promising to continue the trend. Phenix Organics has a product that is uniquely fused with the skin and hair of all backgrounds with its organic ingredients. Some ingredients include soy butter, seaweed powder, fresh roses, grape seed, hempseed, sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. These organic ingredients combined with essentials oils like peppermint and lavender are to be used on your hair and skin adding that soft finish and great scent which is very useful especially on those days where you have to be multiple places and you must slay the part.  


Stay on the lookout for the review of the product in which I will keep it completely real and honest with my review. There will be IG videos, Twitter post, and possibly an experimental Periscope.

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