Plan Ahead with Meals & Exercise

DetoxPlan Ahead with Meals & Exercise

The hardest thing to maintain is working 8-5, running a business, prepping meals, being a student fulltime, working out, and oh for some of us being a parent. There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day for all the things a person wants to accomplish. The routine is wake up, prep for the day, work, homework, important phone calls, picking up children, working out, cooking dinner, and by the time rest and relaxation enters the equation it feels like it’s starting all over again. Perfection can be exhausting but I think the best way to help out in the department of getting most of everything done is by planning.

Planning can be time consuming, but it is worth it. Decide a day out of the week to sit down and plan out your week. I find that it is therapeutic to actually have an idea of what the week will consist of. I think that it’s important to have structure in your life especially when there are a million things and people waiting for you for an important reason. I think it’s most important to plan completely and if the plan changes; allow that change to happen without stressing about it.


Planning for Health/Meal Prep

The fastest way to plan for your fitness and health is to first write up a grocery list based on the things missing. I always make sure that when I’m writing a grocery list to be inside my kitchen and write down the things that are essential for my diet: spinach, salmon, fresh veggies, frozen and fresh fruit and etc. Once the grocery list is complete I then write down every breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner that needs to be prep and the days that the food will be prepped. At this point, time doesn’t matter as long as it’s planned.

The next planning period will be the workouts for the week. I break them up by upper body, full body, and lower body. I also add in my cardio only days. The key to being organized within health is to understand that if you have it planned you most likely will not stray from it and if you do then it must have been an emergency.

When planning and prepping make realistic choices instead of having bigger eyes than your stomach or spending more money at the grocery store than necessary. Planning is an essential part of my busy life so make sure that if you are looking for options—one of them be organizing your time wisely. Planning may just help you stay fabulous on those not so fabulous days.


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