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Sarah Jessica Parker- Fashion Everything

As a writer/blogger, I have coined my love for “ATL’s Carrie Bradshaw” and it’s for good reason. I think that SJP is amazingly beautiful, in regards, of how you show up and show out at any event. Girly girls desire to have a look for themselves that fits their confidence level, creativity, and their stylistic idea of what looks amazing to them. SJP is fashion everrrrryyything and here is homage with a couple of looks. We didn’t even go into details on her shoe game, but without further adieu, here’s my fashion everything: SJP.


Ladies, a little dress with some fly heels with just the perfect lip gloss is really all you need to feel and look gorgeous. Every event doesn’t require a full beat face and the extraness.

IMG_6062IMG_6060IMG_6061SJP pairs a white dress, navy blazer, and those hot pink pumps with a gorgeous bag. This is what we mean by being true to self and accessorizing.


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