PMA Fashion Week presents Autumn J

Autumn J.

PMA Fashion Week presents Autumn J. Matthews! She isn’t only naturally gorgeous but she is sooo comfortable being in the skin she’s in while being perfectly stylish and fashionable.

Autumn says: I dress by the motto “Comfort is key.” So when I shop, I look at what I know I won’t be struggling in all day to keep together. I like what I like and I never really care what’s in or what’s not in. As long as it’s cute to me when I try it on and twirl in my mirror with, then I’m good.

We agree; Fashion doesn’t have to mean discomfort but fly and comfy!
Autumn is a 24-year-old Social Services Program Coordinator who has a birthday coming up October 16! Wish our first PMA Fashion Week Sweetheart a very happy birthday!



Let us know what you think? Are you loving our Sweetheart like we are?

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