PMA Fashion Week presents Giselle Audrey


Giselle Audrey 

PMA Fashion Week presents our second sweetheart for the week. She was once our Le Fashionista Forward writer and we have missed her creative touches!


JS: Fashion is so much more than the glossed pages in magazines can show you or define. It possesses the ability and allows you to express yourself non-verbally to those around you. My style consists of about 80% classics mixed with 20% of trends.  I always try to choose trends that are recurring … To stay away from fads and those pictures out parents are looking back at now wondering what they were thinking! I love black and white. It is one of my signature color combinations. One of my favorite trends right now is denim. Playing with different shades of the denim-on-denim look allow you to really personalize monochromatic or varying tones. Overall my fashion is all about fun. Remember fashion is what YOU make it!


We totally agree with our sweetheart; fashion is what you make it and she makes it look easy! These collections she put together is such a great combination for business attire, girl’s night out, or even a play with friends or a special someone.


Processed with Rookie


Processed with RookieLet us know what you think? Are you loving our Sweetheart like we are?

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