PMA Fashion Week: Tailored Made Carl Washington

IMG_6033Pardon My Audacity Fashion Week has kicked off to a beautifully transformational start! This is our first Fashion Week and we have made so many great decisions to post for you! We’ve had divas, history, and now we present a fashionable male! Give it up for:

Tailor Made Men: Carl Washington

Carl says: I am truly inspired by music on my fashion pieces. I uselt listen to more mellow music such as jazz or neo soul throughout the week and those will inspire some of the more classic pieces that o wear from blazers, button ups or suits. They really help to get juices flowing and I begin to visualize my outfit. I will also use many of my favorite musicians for inspiration, which largely come from Solange Knowles. I love the way she incorporates the patterns and pops of color into her wardrobe. She does it so effortless and seamlessly that’ it’s really inspiring. My father is also really big in fashion and he has been aiding me throughout my journey. He also pulls classic pieces from his own collection, which I really appreciate.If I’m on my way to the club or trying to get turnt then that’s a completely different story lol.

IMG_6031IMG_6032IMG_6030You see more of Carl on his IG: @TheKingCW. What do you think of our Tailored Made Man??? We love him.

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