PMA Spills The Tea ELECTION Edition

PMA Spills the TeaPMA Spills The Tea ELECTION Edition

Today is the day where we put our voices to use. We have two awful candidates and we have to choose which one will royally fuck up our communities even more without sending our black asses back to the plantation. But PMA will help you weigh your options with this post essentially… spilling the election tea!

Election Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton

Hillary believes that it is women’s unrestricted right to choose whether to keep or an abort a child. She wants to legally require hiring women and minorities, she’s comfortable with same-sex marriages, and wants to keep God in the public sphere.

She disagrees that stricter punishment reduces crime, that there’s an absolute right to gun ownership, she wants to expand ObamaCare, and she doesn’t mind if you smoke a spliff. She thinks the stimulus better than market-led recovery, higher taxes should be on the wealthy, agrees that the pathway to citizenship for illegal alien, and disagrees to privatize social security.

We are looking at a woman who isn’t innocent, but do we want her in office instead of Trump? We are on the fence with this one. What are your thoughts regarding this?

election Donald Trump Donald Trump

Trump doesn’t believe abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right, doesn’t want to legally require hiring women and minorities, he’s comfortable with same-sex marriages, and wants to keep God in the public sphere.

Trump believes that stricter punishments reduces crimes, doesn’t want ObamaCare, likes marijuana, doesn’t want to prioritize green energy. Trump doesn’t think that stimulus is better than market-led recovery, doesn’t want the wealthy taxed of course, and we all know how he feels about Illegal aliens.

Trump is one thing: BOLD. He’s also stupid, chauvinistic, idiotic, and racist as hell. But there are millions following him. Will he make America “Great” Again?


PMAAll jokes aside people, this is our chance to make a difference. I’m not going to tell you which candidate is the best choice but to be honest… it’s a difference in who you choose. Be wise and vote.


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