PMA Spills the Tea with ‘Melanianade’ and Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dumb’ Video

PMA Spills the Tea with ‘Melanianade’ and Kelly Rowland’s ‘Dumb’ Video

PMA is here again to spill a little bit of tea! It’s been awhile since we had something this good, but we couldn’t help but LOVE SNL’s ‘Melanianade’ and Sexy Kelly Rowland! Watch out y’all, it’s going to get a little hot!

melanianade‘Melanianade’ Was Everything We Needed

SNL did it again! This past weekend, Cecily Strong (Melania Trump), Sasheer Zamata (Omarosa) Emily Blunt (Ivanka Trump), Kate McKinnon (Kellyanne Conway), Vanessa Bayer (Tiffany Trump), and Alec Baldwin (Trump) did a parody of Beyoncé’s ‘Sorry’ video. In the video, Melania, Trump’s daughter, manager, and token black friend (Omarosa) are sick of his mess chile and they are putting their foot down.

The ShadeRoom Reports, Melania is sick of having to cover Trump’s bald spot and Ivanka is worried that her father’s antics are ruining her relationships with friend, Chelsea Clinton. Meanwhile, Kellyanne is over having to clean up Trump’s media messes and Tiffany is sick of being overlooked by her dad. Lastly, Omarosa is just over everything and just wants to quit while Mike Pence claims that Donald Trump only wants him when he’s not there!

The parody is what we needed after Trump’s irrational antics. Check it out here:


Did they nail it? Leave us comments on what you really think?

Kelly Rowland DumbKelly Rowland’s ‘Dumb’ Video Premiere

A year ago Kelly Rowland released her single “Dumb,” and last Thursday, Frank Gatson Jr., Bey’s creative director, FINALLY released the video on YouTube.

Check it out:

Let us know your thoughts?

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