PMA Spills the Tea with Rapper J.I.D, Cynthia Bailey and Lil Mo

PMA Spills the TeaPMA Spills the Tea with Rapper J.I.D, Cynthia Bailey and Lil Mo

PMA Spills the Tea with Rapper J.I.D, Cynthia Bailey and Li’l Mo. Stephenson’s own (my alma mater) Rapper J.I.D has been signed,  Cynthia Bailey met the big 50 in her birthday suit while Lil Mo beats her face and comes out looking shall we say brand new, BUT are we feeling it? Some folks were dragging her! Let’s jump right in!

J.I.D, Cynthia Bailey, and Lil MoJ. Cole Signs Atlanta Rapper J.I.D to Dreamville

J. Cole’s Dreamville team expanded it seems. On Sunday evening, there was a two-minute video uploaded to the official Dreamville YouTube page featuring Atlanta rapper J.I.D of Spillage Village with the description:New Dreamville artist J.I.D project The Never Story coming soon.

In the video, Cole rides around in J.I.D’s Pontaic, a car that’s been through the trenches with him. “It’s been through every phase of my life, since I got kicked out of college to pursuing rap and shit and having to drive out of state to do shows or driving to the studio every day,” J.I.D says.

The biggest story here for me however is how a boy from Stone Mountain Georgia has put himself on the map and doing amazing things. We are so hype, proud, and very much anticipating J.I.D’s new work.

Check out J.I.D’s EP DiCaprio here.

Source: Complex Mag

Cynthia Bailey Celebrates 50 in a very Naked Way

When you think of 50, what are you thinking? Well, Cynthia Bailey had her 50 naked in her birthday suit! Picture above is Ms. Bailey letting it all hang out.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star posted the photo above with the caption, “Hello 50. Nice to meet you. Let’s do this🖤 #50Cynt”

Source: IceCreamConvos(dot)com

J.I.D, Cynthia Bailey, Lil MoLil Mo has changed up her Look and Folks ain’t Feelin’ it!

Lil Mo attempted to break the internet Saturday night before hitting the stage at the Staples Center and the internet went bananas!

The singer wrote, “SHOWTIME!!! FYI I did my own makeup. Bcuz I know how to slay!! 😘😘 thanks for all the LOVE below.”

Mo added, “My rap name in HS was Young Wisdom …kilt n***as at lunchtime. Then I changed my name to Lil Mo. that sounded more like a singer name rather than my battle rap name lol”

What do you think about her look? Is it cute? Are you feeling it? Well, the internet went nuts and they were NOT feeling Ms. Mo!

Baller Alert Highlighted some of those comments:

J.I.D, Cynthia Bailey, and Lil Mo

Either way, y’all holla at us and let us know!


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