PMA Spills The Tea with Shea Moisture Latest Ad

PMA Spills the TeaPMA Spills The Tea with Shea Moisture Latest Ad

PMA is back spilling tea on one of our fave products, Shea Moisture. However, black women worldwide aren’t too happy with their latest ad. 

Shea Moisture is fighting “blacklash” as I like to call it on social media after the brand, a family-owned business with deep ties to the black community, had an ad with a black woman discussing the difficulties of dealing with her natural hair, but quickly changed to two white women. The white women were blonde and a redhead that complaining because one didn’t “know what to do with her hair and the other talked about dyeing it. 

The message? “Break free fro hair hate,” but loyal black customers saw the ad as a slap to the face, a betrayal for spending a lot of damn money and to be replaced with white women. 

The company apologized and said it’s yanking the ad. “We really

“We really f-ed this one up,” Shea Moisture said in a Facebook post. “Please know that our intention was not — and would never be — to disrespect our community, and as such, we are pulling this piece immediately because it does not represent what we intended to communicate.”

 Was the ad that bad? What do you think? Uh-oh Shea Moisture. 

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