PMA’s Guide to a ‘Hot Girl’ Summer


Writer: Jasmine U. Jackson

Guide to a Hot Girl Summer
Photo cred: (IG:) GodisAble

Megan Thee Stallion has ignited the world with her ‘hot girl’ summer reference. Many women are embracing this movement as a great time filled with fun, accomplishments, and revival of a sexy, confident woman. That’s not an issue, right? We have a few guidelines to having your best “Hot Girl” Summer. 

Make sure you include a facial, a spa day, and some bomb relaxing baths where you can soak and get your self-care on! PMA is the platform that will always tell you to be your best self and make sure to pamper yourself.

Embrace your sexuality. Celebrate your body, your sexuality, and what makes your toes curl. This can be a new sex toy, a bomb ass hot yoga class in which your spiritually and physically intertwined with enjoying all things that make you feel are sexy, or simply having great sex with someone who is equally as sexy as you! Let’s be honest, we’re all adults in need of satisfaction. 

Go to somebody’s beach! Wear that two-piece bikini that you aren’t sure about and rock that jawn. It’s simple— sit out in that sun half-naked, loving you, and letting go of the extra things that life throw your way. 

Go out with your friends and make sure that you try something new. I’m the queen of backing out last minute so I’ll be adding this to my agenda. Drink and be merry. 

Get you a trainer or utilize IG to work out. I can’t scream it enough that endorphins are healthy and much needed! Though it’s hot, it’s invigorating to find the spirit to push through the rough moments to accomplish the body goals you want. 

At this point, make sure to just respect yourself, your company, and keep your own secrets! Okay? Hot girls all over the world are living it up and some people just don’t know how to deal with it but believe me… it’s worth it. Love yourself and catch your best self out in these streets. 


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