Poetry Feature “Family Dynamic”

Hey guys and gals, As you all know I am a poet. I am a poet who has yet to do anything spoken word, but what I got inspired to do was to read my poetry instead of just typing it up.  So here it is: “Family Dynamic” (I said I didn’t have a name for it but I named it after all).


Words are as follows:

Family Dynamic

If a life is so important then where are all our fathers

You pushed in, released, had a child, but yet you do not bother

You blame it on another man when it clearly was all of you

And you hate when she opens her mouth so you go and do what you do

So it’s another black baby with a mother holding her tongue

Trying to erase the pain refusing to fight and eager to run

You laid there and opened up your thighs

Probably blunted up and was probably rather high

You didn’t ask for the condom you didn’t even need it

So he sprayed you down and left a seed in it

Now you left alone, a child without a father

You were still young, wasn’t ready to be anyone’s mother

You were just so innocent, never even thought of

A victim of a lifted nut and shitty father and a mother

You look around confused and trapped but there is something better

Live your life, be prosperous, be a personal vendetta

But you didn’t have a good example so now on you’re on your back

History repeats itself… that’s become our family dynamic


What did you think of the poem? I edited my video for the first time by myself what does it look like?


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2 thoughts on “Poetry Feature “Family Dynamic”

  1. Lashuntrice (@mrsstarstatus)

    Great poem. This is so real for all of us whose biological fathers turned their backs on us. Some of us could manage, but there is actually a documentary with an 18 yr old crying her eyes out because she just cannot accept that her father does not want to be in her life. Oh and great editing for doing it the first time. No one would have even thought about it if you didn’t say anything.


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