Poetry Spotlight: G.P.A (Greatest Poet Alive)

Hey love bugs, I’m so excited about this section of my blog that’s representing poets and real poetry. As a poet myself, I wanted to give you visceral exposure to real individuals doing their thing in the poetry world. Please support this poet and be on the lookout for more from him.


It is that time again to introduce another smooth soul spitting the gospel through poetic lines of beautiful similes and metaphors. G.P.A (Greatest Poet Alive) hails from Chi town’s South Side and is serenating ladies with the truth of his philosophies on life, love, and anything truth. He has published four books of poetry and is working on his first novel, “The Middle School Adventures of Bobo”. He has won the Black Essence Award for Poetry and Charity, the Poetry Pentathlon, and Moth Storytelling Championship twice. He has been nominated for Poet of the Year three times. Without further ado, Pardon My Audacity introduces another great poet.

Jas: What does poetry do for you?

GPA: Poetry is my wife, girlfriend, best friend, and escape from anything negative and impure. She allows me to be myself, express myself, and find myself in her. And it allows me to be the best ever.

Jas: What do you wish your words will do for listeners?

GPA: I want my words to turn listeners on. Also, for men, they should learn some things, while women should know that there are good, chivalrous men still out here.

Jas: What inspires you to be a spoken word poet?

GPA: I am not a spoken word artist. What inspires me to be a Poet is everything that goes on around me and my interactions with beautiful women has been quite helpful in that endeavor as well.

Jas: Tell the readers what you want your brand to be?

GPA: G.P.A. means Greatest Poet Alive, and I want that to be of all time. Everyone should know that I bring a certain excellence to everything that I do, whether it is writing, performing, or anything else. And for anyone that thinks they can impede my progress that I will run them over.

There you have it ladies and gents another beautiful explanation for why a man can stand a spit the truth holding true to be being the greatest. To find some of his works visit these sites:


Twitter: gr8estpoetalive

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