Poetry Spotlight: John Lacarbiere III

johncc  Poetry Spotlight: John Lacarbiere III

Hey love bugs, I’m so excited about this section of my blog that’s representing poets and real poetry. As a poet myself, I wanted to give you visceral exposure to real individuals doing their thing in the poetry world. Please support this poet and be on the lookout for more from him.

John Lacarbiere III, born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, is a national spoken word artist, author, and publisher. Hee released his first book I Write To… since then John has released 6 other titles and 4 spoken word albums. He also performs and has put together several events of his own, including a weekly every Thursday titled “Word Connections” and a monthly every last Saturday titled “The Propeller.” John received the award for “Writer of the Year” at the 2012 Write NOLA Awards. In October of 2012, John started his own publishing company SWMN Publishing LLC.

Jas: What does poetry do for you?

JC: Poetry is not only something that serves as therapy. It’s a way of life. It keeps food in my mouth and like any organ in the body would, poetry keeps me alive.

Jas: What do you wish your words will do for listeners?

JC: I hope that my words inspire people to think, create change, and motivate them to be great.


Jas: What inspires you to be a spoken word poet?

JC: I was born a spoken word artist. What inspires me to continue is knowing that this gift I have isn’t for me to keep, but for me to share with the world.

Jas: Tell the readers what you want your brand to be?

JC: My brand is and will always be raw and honest poetry that motivates, inspires, and creates change.

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Much love to the poet, his words, and his delivery! Check out and support this artist.

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