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Hey love bugs, I’m so excited about this section of my blog that’s representing poets and real poetry. As a poet myself, I wanted to give you visceral exposure to real individuals doing their thing in the poetry world. Please support this poet and be on the lookout for more from him.



Kernell Hunt Jr aka Kay Nellz is a man of many gifts. Hailing from the small city of Annapolis Maryland his parents moved he and his 4 younger siblings to Atlanta, GA in 2004. Creative and performing arts were always an expressed passion since his early elementary years performing at school functions, city events, and everywhere else there was a stage and an audience. In 2007, he won the V-103 Youth Poetry Contest held by Joyce Littel where he was able to network with poetry greats in the likes of Georgia Me, Tommy Bottoms, Bonnie, and more. After graduating high school he continued to bless open mics and poetry shows up and down the east coast even performing at the famed Apollo Theater in Harlem New York. With his focus shifting from music to poetry and now to infusing the two Kay Nellz has his sights set on the mainstream markets. His talent speaks for itself, and with slick vocabulary, witty metaphor and similitude, brash content, and honest conviction he looks to not only revolutionize spoken word but to also redefine and further edify free expression.

Pardon My Audacity caught up with Poet Kay Nellz ask him a few questions and to hear some dope poetry. Check out Kay Nellz in action:

Jas: What does poetry do for you?

KN: Poetry is unadulterated expression. It allows me to understand life and paint perspective though experience.


Jas: What do you wish your words will do for listeners?

KN: I want my words to evoke emotion, create understanding, and infect them with ideas bigger than perception.

Jas: What inspire you to be a spoken word poet?

KN: I don’t feel inspired to do spoken word as much as I feel obligated. To whom much is given, much is required and I have been blessed with an extraordinary gift. I would be remised and would be doing myself and society a great injustice by being selfish with it.


Jas: How would you describe your brand?

KN: My brand is 4M, which stands for Forgetful Memory which is a lifestyle group created by friends and business partners Jamal Smith and Booker Wilson III. We essentially focus on branding and marketing for various creative sectors from music to photography and modeling to art and sculpting. More importantly Forgetful Memory is an idea, one that uplifts and promotes a lifestyle conducive to success inside and outside of the creative world. We want to redefine a perception of a generation by encouraging society to live fearlessly, laugh endlessly, love indiscriminately, and cherish each moment as if it is your last until it is. 


Contact the poet here:

Much love to the poet, his words, and his deliverance. Love, Peace, and Poetry y’all! I’m out.




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