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Poodle Assassin Cosmetics is a unisex all inclusive cosmetic brand birthed to Brandie Ford and the late Strawbella Bea’Goddess in 2011 as a way to feature the beauty and strength of biological women as well as Transgender women. The brand was officially launched in New York City on January 26 2012.  Pardon My Audacity welcomes all beauty and we loved the products of the company. We were stoked to sit down and have a conversation with Poodle Assassin Cosmetics own Brandie Ford.


Jas: Tell the readers a little bit about Poodle Assassin.

PAC: We started with a beautiful spokes model who is no longer with us her name is Strawbella and she will forever epitomize the definition of Poodle Assassin. After her untimely death we decided to forge on in honor of her desire to bring awareness to Transgender issues. She was smart savvy and had a take no prisoners approach to life. This is what our brand represents: the person who lives out loud with no regrets. Our 8 piece lip wear collection has everything from mild to wild. All of our cosmetics are not tested on animals and contain no lead or skin irritants. The colors are highly pigmented and are long wearing.

Jas: Where did the name Poodle Assassin come from?

PAC:  The name Poodle Assassin comes from the owners dad. She was pretty smart and a tad mean as a child. It stuck and she pays homage to her dad by using her childhood nickname as the name of her brand.


Jas: How did Poodle Assassin become what it is today?

PAC: Poodle Assassin Cosmetics came to be as visible as it is from consistency vision and drive. There have been many ups and downs but the brand never succumbs to negativity. We believe in the products and therefore the rest of the world shall also. Our goal is to feature every gender in all of its splendor.


Jas: What exactly is Poodle Assassin’s Luxury Lip Glaze?

PAC: Luxury Lip Glaze is a step up from your basic lip gloss. It has Shea butter and Moroccan Argan oils for continued moisture without the stickiness of other designer brands lip gloss. This glaze smells amazing and won’t stick to your Brazilian or Malaysian hair extensions!

Jas: I hear you’re giving out Lip Fantasies, honey what are those?

PAC: Lip Fantasies are the most pigmented lip colors you will find on the market now. Your matte crème lip fantasy will not dry your lips because essential oils are included in the perfect amounts for the product to remain matte. Your crème lip fantasy is like wearing color and lip glaze at the same time. The bold colors may be worn as lip eye and cheek colors. It’s that good. Our lip fantasies range from bright candy pink to the sheerest of nudes.


Jas: Who are your favorite clients/customers?

PAC: Our customers are everyone. We are blessed to transcend color gender and age lines. We serve all ages. We serve all genders. We serve drag queens. Everyone loves Poodle Assassin!


Jas: What’s next for Poodle Assassin?

PAC: Next, we will be serving up a new taupe nude Lip Fantasy called “BITCH PLEASE” and actually this will be available in a two weeks. We are also working on sportswear with our new FiFi logos created by Quisha Nabors, an amazing artist from California.

Jas: Where can readers find and purchase this fierce cosmetic line?

PAC: Poodle Assassin Cosmetics are available exclusively on line at

Jas: Where can fans reach out to you?

PAC: We may be reached by
Twitter: @poodleassassin
Instagram: @poodleassassin

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Our spokes models are Monica Beverly Hillz from Rupauls Drag Race season 5. Image credit: Nestors Photography. Our pretty boy spokesmodel is Youtube sensation Stahr Milan. photo credit:Aman Lexidor.


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