Postpartum Workouts Suck (Not Really, I’m Just Out of Shape)

Postpartum Workouts Suck (Not Really, I’m Just Out of Shape)

Listen, postpartum workouts suck, but not really… I think I’m just out of shape and NOT here for the pain that I will feel the next day lol.

I am not Beyonce and quite frankly, I like hamburgers, steak, and mac and cheese. I am overworked, overmommed (made that up, yep), and working out sucks. It was amazing before. It gave me life. But a year after my little dumpling was born and I still suck at a workout. I haven’t been consistent either!

Ok, ok truthfully, postpartum workouts suck because the body has been in a constant state of rest. If you were anything like me, you tried immediately after giving birth, lost the baby weight with breastfeeding and walking, and then fell off. Want to know why you fall off? Work and money. Money that didn’t even effect you until you had a child. You have to work in order to get money, well working is exhausting then throw in a rambunctious child and you are all the way behind in schedule.

Postpartum workouts suck because you aren’t fueling the body correctly in order for the energy to be there for the workout. It is a constant battle of choosing what fuels the body versus what tastes good. What tastes good isn’t always the best choice. But if you know anything about your body, you know you can always change what you do not like! So I started whooping my own tail!

Here’s a few meals I prepared:

Postpartum workouts suck

Avocado & Cucumber Tuna Salad (No Mayo)

postpartum workouts suck

Italian turkey sausage, peppers, and onions with sauteed spinach and corn

Also, I have a gym membership but sometimes I cannot make it there and have to rely on Pintrest to help! Here’s a few things I got accomplished! Excuse my head scarf!


I started up with sprints to start my heart rate up and ended with a jog! It wasn’t too bad. You can start with walking but DO SOMETHING! Postpartum workouts do not have to be THAT bad. Practice making them easier.


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