Preserving the Code


Send a shoutout to the couples that are totally respecting all they guy/gal codes out here in Lovers Land. There are often times where we seem to forget all that’s sacred in a relationships! Please try and incorporate some thought when you are about to cross that sacred threshold. If you don’t know the guy/gal code you must figure them out.

Should your friends’ have your boyfriend/girlfriend’s contact? I’m a big fan of HELL NO! Things can always adapt and grow into more when two people casually begin talking via text, phone, or even these text free apps for the sneaky friends. It can always begin innocent and turn very ugly. I think that if you allow it to happen there needs to be a healthy realm of communication between all parties. As the partner, I feel that your significant other should inform you if there is open communication between them and a friend. I don’t suggest being overly crazy, but firm in your words and actions.

Should exes hang out together if there is still strong chemistry? I’m a firm believer in play it safe. An ex can turn out to be a best friend but they can also end up being a casual booty call as well. Chemistry between two exes with the added memories, experiences, and sexual tension may be grounds for expulsion in the relationship department. It may be wise to step bak and keep the communication at a minimum before someone gets caught up.

Should you or your mate have male/female friends? Uhhh, this is tricky. If you know that in your heart of hearts that it’s not a good idea to be friends with someone of the opposite sex–avoid it. Flirting will get you caught up in a situation you’re not even trying to get involved in. Hanging out needs to involve your lover to avoid any bs that can happen between a horny man or woman.

There are codes to live by when in relationships. It can be difficult to master all at once if you’re out in the world trying to get you something that’s “greener” on the other side. However, it’s easier to fool around with danger than it is to settle down with a person you know you choose not to live without. If you know the person you’re with is yours then make sure to make them a priority versus breaking the guy/gal code.


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