PS-Don’t be V-103’s Bria

PS- Don’t Be V-103’s Bria

PS Don’t V-103’s Bria

We all heard the snippet of the infamous Bria on V-103’s Wednesday’s F’n Problem spilling her heart out about a married man, his broken promises, and how she’s played wifey for three years—P.S Don’t be V-103’s Bria!

Bria has been dealing with a man that has promised her a future relationship absent of his wife! Bria states that she’s taken care of this man, listened to his concerns, got freak nasty, and now he wants to fix his relationship with his wife. But honestly, did she really think he’d leave his wife? I mean do they ever really leave them? Who knows? But that’s not my issue with Bria.

Bria decides to take matters into her own hands and threatens this “executive” livelihood by going to the newspaper or the TV to air his dirty laundry. Again, I even get this part, but she’s the only one that’s going to continue to look like the fool.  Heartache is devastating and very hard to deal with. However, what you will not do is look like this or in this case SOUND like this struggle you’re going through.

Ladies, if you are in a Bria situation, I challenge you close the door to this chapter and run. I pray that you see the bullshit for what it is and move the hell on with your gorgeous existence. If the pain in your chest, stomach, and heart is oozing out uncontrollably one day—I urge you to take a mental break and honey r e l a x.

Don’t call a radio station digging yourself into a deeper emotional pit. Also, don’t call anywhere alerting an entire city that you may have lost it. What your man did—well, her man did to you both was beyond wrong and believe me  I u n d e r s t a n d the hurt and pain you feel. The stab in the heart, the uterus, and the soul tie that you’ve grown between the two of you hurts beyond words BUT hell no, don’t be V-103’s Bria! If he wants out, let his ass OUT because you are too gorgeous, too smart, too creative to be stuck up under a ni**a that doesn’t truly want to be kept by you. Let his ass go home to Susie Home maker and work on YOU.

PMAIf you are the side chick, move your ass over to side and CHECK yourself. This is not a judgmental statement, this is a big sis went through this already statement and once a fuck boy, always an F-boy. Like what you read here? SUBSCRIBE to the blog. I’m spitting real facts every week and I’d like to include your thoughts in on it!

Love, love but love you more.



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