Queens Put Your Emotions Away and Boss UP

Queens Put Your Emotions Away and Boss UP

Boss up

Queens, it’s time to place the emotions on the shelf. We have a glow up to continue getting to. Black women are healers, believers, teachers, coders, engineers, mothers, and more. It’s time to step into our inner divinity and step into our greatness. Let me go back and explain why I am calling women to step it up.

Sunday afternoon, I engaged in a very interesting conversation with a male friend. The topic of emotional women in the work place came up and boy did he say some very sexist, I mean interesting things to. Firstly, women are innately emotional which apparently gets in the way of solid leadership. Secondly, emotional women tend to make irrational decisions, therefore, when a situation of importance occurs, women aren’t suited to make executive decisions. Thirdly, my friend is an asshole.

Can we please just unify and smash the ideals that everyone has about black women? Bossing up has never been more necessary than it is today. Not because women aren’t emotional, but because hell, we are emotional. We’ve been on this Earth leading, loving, and holding down the fort since anyone can remember.

Furthermore, we age like wine; getting finer as we go. We are already business owners, but for those afraid of the leap into greatness—don’t be. Life is hard and emotions are high especially in your twenties. If one standup guy (or at least I thought) thinks that women in power lack ability due to emotions, things must change. Not change because men stigmatize women but change so that we keep achieving, starting businesses, executing our plans and boss up.

We don’t have to work for anyone; we can successfully become entrepreneurs, moms, wives, and bosses of our own design. If you are a full-time employee that is fine too, but keep emotions out of a business atmosphere. Be forward thinking, assert your ideas, and back your ideas up with information that will prove what you say. Business has nothing to do with how you personally feel, but what is best for the customer and the employees. We must get back to being bosses and not stigmas of what men can say about us. They don’t call it black girl magic for no reason, do they?

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