Red Wine Lips & Comfy Sweater Action

Red Wine Lips & Comfy Sweater Action

Red wine lipstick stains our plump lips as well accessorize hats and oversized fashion sweaters in Fall. Fall in Atlanta has burst on the scene with harsh winds and rain pour down, but PMA is here to keep your eyes on what’s hot for Fall 2017.

Red wine lips and comfy sweater actionRed wine lips:

Dark, urban, and sexy describes red wine-colored lipsticks. The edgy look blends well with any skin tone, gives a pop of color, is fun, and gives black girls immense happiness to have access to these lip colors that work amazingly against our melaninated skin! (Photo credit:

“Best Booty” Jeans:

These jeans are our favorite. They appear painted on over gapped thighs, and large booty brown girls! These pants are stylish, tight, but appropriate, and available at Forever 21, Top Shop, and other mainstream stores. “Best booty” jeans are best matched with a beautiful tank, fluffy scarf, and a pair of bomb ass boots! (Photo credit: and

Red Wine lips and comfy sweater action

Red Wine Lips & Comfy Sweater ActionGrandpa Sweaters:

These quirky, oversized sweaters are to die for. They offer multiple options for outfits with these sweaters adding a stylish attitude and confident look for all who explore the style. Try a nice pair of jeans, with a fire-ass hat and boots to finish off the look.

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